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Expert Services – Subcontract Cost Analysis

Whether your company needs one-time project support or wants to outsource cost and price analysis, the SpendLogic Advisory Team has you covered.  We provide a range of FAR-compliant solutions related to subcontract cost and price analysis.  These includes:

  • Cost and/or price analysis report creation
  • DCAA-style supplier rate reviews and documentation
  • Proposal adequacy review and remediation
  • Commercial item determination review and support


Through our proprietary tools and systematic approach, final reports are published an average of 45 days from receipt of a compliant proposal.  Compared to the DCMA (90-180 days) or our clients’ internal teams (60-120 days,) SpendLogic Advisory Services is the go-to solution when timelines are tight.

Cost Effective

We provide all of the benefits of hiring full-time cost analysts at a fraction of the cost.  Consider these points:

  • We have a 100% acceptance rate with the DCAA, DCMA, large Primes, and Contracting Officers with minimal time spent on answering questions on our reports.  This not only saves effort for your company, it means that you get a signed contract faster.
  • 50-75% of the analysis process is typically spent waiting for supplier data.  With a full-time employee, you’re incurring salary and overhead costs the entire time.  With a SpendLogic Advisor, you only pay for the time spent working and there are no added overhead expenses.


Since launching in 2009, we have built a 100% success record in providing compliant reports.  This means that every one of our cost analysis reports have been determined compliant by the DCAA, DCMA (including CPSR teams), large Primes, or government contracting officers.  Our clients range from top-tier defense contractors to small manufacturers that only occasionally trip the certified cost or pricing data threshold.

We’ve proven our effectiveness and are here to stay.  You can count on SpendLogic to deliver on our promise to deliver compliant and timely reports.