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We are industry experts in subcontract cost and price analysis. Our government procurement compliance solutions have been tested and approved by major Prime Contractors, federal subcontractors, the DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency,) DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency,) as well as Navy and Air Force end customers. For clients of all sizes, we provide solutions that improve productivity and strike a balance between compliance and the need to run the business.

SpendLogic was the first commercially-available FAR-based price analysis tool in the market.  We also have other ancillary tools such as a Weighted Guidelines profit analysis tool, price escalation calculator, and SpendLogic savings calculator.

Whether you need one-time support on a difficult analysis, or on-going cost or price analysis services, our SpendLogic experts (formerly 23 Degrees Consulting) have you covered. Our proprietary systematic approach results in reports that boast 100% acceptance rate with Primes, the DCAA/DCMA, and Contracting Officers.

We will teach your procurement team how to think like a contracting officer. Our online training is aimed specifically at procurement agents working for federal prime contractors and subcontractors.